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Southern’s Septuagenarian Secret to Success wins Royal Thames' Cumberland Cup
LONDON - Congratulations to Cardwell Potts, Zak Fanberg, Jennifer Potts, Commo. Corky Potts, Will Gammell, David Dabney, Cherrie Felder and Billy Marchal on their success at the Royal Thames Yacht Club's Cumberland Cup team race! Click on the picture to read the full article.

The finals were an all American showdown, with Southern YC (New Orleans) taking on New York YCprevious
Cumberland Cup winners for two editions in a row. It went to 4 races, with nail biting
finishes for each of them, it was eventually Southern who made their way to 3 wins to NYYC’s 1 win.
Both teams battled hard, and Southern showed that experience is more valuable than youthful
strength: Cherrie Felder from Southern commented: ‘I’ve never worked so hard in all of my very long
life, gotta have an appointment with my cardiologist when I get back! It’s been a great competition,
thank you!’ Two generations of the Potts family made up the winning team, and Southern definitely
represented the biggest age range from Jennifer Potts aged 28 through to Billy Marchal aged 74
(well beyond Grand Master qualifying age), who earlier in the week stated that ‘the noise on our
boat must remain below 120 decibels,’ presumably to keep Billy’s hearing aids in tact. Huge
congratulations to the team who proved that age is no barrier to success. The team was made up of
skippers; Cardwell Potts and Zak Fanberg, who were expertly crewed by Corky and Jennifer Potts,
Will Gammell, David Danby, Cherrie Felder and Billy Marchal.’