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SYC, SSF join forces to support Coast Guard UPDATE
UPDATE (January 30, 2019) – SYC and the Southern Sailing Foundation raised $5,000 to support our local Coast Guard families during the government shutdown. Click thru for more info.

UPDATE (January 30, 2019) – Letter from Southern Sailing Foundation:

Southern Sailing Foundation thanks you for your generous donation to our Coast Guard Fundraiser!  After only three days of collecting donations, we were able to present Seth Eury, President of the Chief Petty Officers Association and active duty Coast Guard, Command Master Chief, with $5,000 in $100 Walmart Gift cards to distribute to members of our local Coast Guard.    

Being able to reach out to help those who protect us on the water was important to us and from your incredible response, it was important to you too.  Thank you for your support!  

Click here to read the thank you letter from Seth Eury of the USCG Chief Petty Officer’s Association.

Elizabeth Ehrensing and Seth Eury USCG

With Many Thanks,  
Elizabeth Ehrensing
Coast Guard Fundraiser Chair  

Scott Sonnier
Southern Sailing Foundation President

(January 24, 2019)  SYC and the Southern Sailing Foundation have joined forces to help our local Coast Guard families weather the government shutdown.  Elizabeth and Craig Ehrensing are spearheading the efforts of our membership. Click thru for more info.

SYC Members,

Southern Yacht Club and the United States Coast Guard have had a mutually beneficial relationship for many years; we are asking you to help our friends who watch out for us when we are on the water.

Due to the government shutdown, Coast Guard families are struggling financially. Since many are young, with small children and living paycheck to paycheck, they are in need of basic household supplies, food and gas. As a community we would like to ask all SYC members to consider donating funds so that we can purchase gas and grocery gift cards for the Chief Petty Officer’s Association (CPOA) to distribute to our local Coast Guard servicemen and women.

The Southern Sailing Foundation has generously agreed to help us by setting up a page on their website dedicated to collecting funds for this worthwhile cause. 100% of the contributions earmarked for the Coast Guard will, in turn, be used to purchase the grocery and gas gift cards.

Donate link:
Thank you for your support of our local Coast Guard families who are responsible for protecting our coast and aiding in water rescue for the Southern Yacht Club. If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth and Craig Ehrensing at

On behalf of the SYC Board, we want to thank Elizabeth and Craig for leading this effort, know that we fully support it and will be contributing to this important cause.

Guy Brierre, Commodore