Southern Yacht Club


Login Instructions

First-time login

1) Members should use the following credentials for a first-time login (see below for spouse & child login):
   USERNAME: Member's account number + "0". 
      (For example, account number 12345 will login using "123450".)
   PASSWORD: Member's last name - all lower case, with any spaces
      (For example, John Q. de la Member will login using "de la member".)
2) You will be prompted to create a new Password.
3) If you like, you can change your Username on the Profile page.

How to Login

1) Members can login using the Username & Password fields in the blue header bar at the top of every page in the site.
2) If you try to access a private area of the site while not logged in, you will be prompted to login.
3) If you link directly to the private area of the site (using a browser bookmark, etc.) you will be prompted to login.
4) TIP: If you check the small white box beside the login fields, the site will remember your login and you will not have to re-enter your credentials each time.

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Forgotten Username or Password

You can retrieve your Username or reset your Password by clicking on...
1) the small "?" box beside the header login fields, or
2) the "Forgot Password?" link on the Login Page.

Spouse & Child Login

1) Dependents of members can create a separate login using the same method as above, except that the Username will be the primary account number + <Relationship Number>
2) What is a Relationship Number? - The first dependent (usually the spouse) is number "1", the second dependent (usually the oldest child) is number "2", etc.  So, the spouse of a member ("12345") will login using "123451", the first child is "123452", the second child is "123453", and so forth. 
3) Each member's dependents ("Other Members") can be found by clicking on the member's name in the Member Directory.