Southern Yacht Club



Becoming a Member

The members of Southern Yacht Club welcome the interest of new individuals and families who would like to join in and contribute to our club community.  Membership is by invitation only and requires the sponsorship of two current members.  To aid in this process, the Membership Development Committee can answer questions and facilitate sponsorship.  Please email for more information.

New Member Categories

  • Junior – ages 14–20
  • Intermediate – ages 21–35
  • Active – full voting members
  • Lady – unmarried women
  • Non-Resident – no home or office within 40 miles
  • Military – active duty

Proposing a Member

Club members are encouraged to propose like-minded friends and family for membership.  For more information on eligibility and the cost of membership, as well as the membership proposal form, Click Here, or you may contact the Membership Development Committee for assistance.