Southern Yacht Club


Dress Code

Visitors to Southern Yacht Club shall please be respectful of others by observing the following simple dress code. These guidelines are written for men, but women and children should dress accordingly.

Club Casual

Preferred at all times inside the Clubhouse, however, sailing attire is always acceptable.
   Collared shirt.
   Khakis, slacks, or broadcloth shorts; tidy jeans are allowed.
   Enclosed shoes.
   Jackets are suggested on the Upper Deck after sunset and on Sundays.


   Swim or athletic wear (except when traversing to the locker rooms).
   Torn or tattered clothing; cut-offs.
   Athletic or mesh shorts.
   Sandals or flip-flops.
   Sleeveless or collarless (tee) shirts.
   Hats or caps worn indoors, particularly while seated.

Strictly Prohibited

In all areas:
  Bare feet or torso.
On the Upper Deck:
  Wet swim or athletic wear.
  Excessively wet or soiled sailing attire.
  Sleeveless shirts.
  Hats or caps worn while seated in the dining room.

Blazer Casual

Often specified for special events.
Jacket required; tie suggested.

Yachting Cocktail Attire

This is a more formal version of Blazer Casual.
Jacket and tie required; Blazer Uniform suggested.
Cocktail dresses are suggested for ladies.

Blazer Uniform

Tie selection and trouser color may be specified.
Officers' reefer jacket or Navy blazer with boullion device, white shirt, club tie.
White trousers with white belt and shoes.
Red or gray trousers with black belt and shoes.

The following are typical dress specifications for various club events.

Opening Day
Blazer Uniform (white trousers) or Blazer Casual suggested.

Commodore's Ball
Yachting Cocktail Attire or Blazer Uniform (gray trousers).

Carnival Ball
Formal evening wear is suggested for gentlemen not in costume; suits are allowed.
Floor-length gowns are suggested for ladies; cocktail dresses are allowed.

Annual, Semi-Annual and special Meetings of the membership
Jacket and tie are required for admittance; Blazer Uniform is suggested.