Southern Yacht Club




Non-members are admitted to the club property by invitation only, as the guest of a member, as part of an invitational event, or by introduction from a recognized club.  At no time is the club open or available to the general public.

Proper Attire

Please see the Dress Code linked at left.


Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas.
Smoking is allowed only in the following outdoor areas:
   Clubhouse balconies.
   Veranda and lawn, but not at the bar or inside the pool fence.
   Porte cochere and parking lot.


Children shall be properly supervised at all times.


Colors are observed daily at 0800 and Fridays and Saturdays during the Sailing Season at sunset, regardless of clubhouse activities. While the ensign is being raised or lowered, persons outdoors shall stand, uncovered, with hand over heart and persons indoors shall observe silence, but need not stand.