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Swim Team


Southern Yacht Club has two junior swimming programs, which are active in May, June & July each year.

Team Seagulls

Fun, competitive swimming for ages 3-18. Limited to children and grandchildren of SYC members, in accordance with our swim league rules.

Little Seagulls

Learn-to-swim sessions for ages 2-6. Limited to children and grandchildren of SYC members.


For more information on our Seagull programs (e.g., eligibility, registration, fees, schedule of practices and swim meets), members must log in to the website and navigate to Juniors>Swim Team>Team Seagulls and >Little Seagulls.


Online registration for the 2017 season begins at 4pm, Sunday, March 12.  Online registration is available by logging into the web site, as noted above.

Coaching and Contacts

Team Seagulls Head Coach
   Bret Hanemann 
Team Seagulls Assistant Coach
   Mallory Campo Abadie
Parent Coordinator
   Brady Cunningham

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