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Junior Sailing FAQ (pdf)


Harbor Mice

Learn to sail optimist for beginner youth sailors 7 years old and up.

2020 Spring Clinic:  March - May Dates TBD

Daily Schedule:                    10:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Sailing -- On the Water:           10:30 AM
Lunch -- Off the Water: 12:30 PM
Sailing -- On The Water:       1:30 PM
De-Rig:                                    2:30–3:30 PM
Pickup:                                    3:30 PM

**Please pack a lunch for the day with snacks, if you intend to allow your child to purchase food from SYC please inform the coach during drop off**

Clinic Fee:                              Member $350 | Sponsored Guest $480
                                                *Note: $25 Late Registration Fee applies after March 1, 2019

2020 Spring Harbor Mice Online Registration  | Harbor Mice Online Calendar  |  Optimist Spring Clinic Flyer  Printable Schedule

Green Fleet

Introduction of racing skills to intermediate youth optimist sailors.

2019 - 2020 Winter Clinic: December 7th 2019 – February 9th 2020

 December  7th/8th    14th/15th        
 January  4th/5th    11th/12th    18th/19th  25th/26th
 February  1st/2nd   8th/9th
Daily Schedule: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Be Rigged:                               10:30 AM
Sailors' Meeting:                       10:30 AM Sailing -- On the Water:           10:45 AM
Lunch -- Off the Water:          12:30 PM Sailing -- On the Water:           1:15 PM
DeRig/Debrief:                       3:15 - 4:00 PM Pickup:                                    4:00 PM

Clinic Fee: Member $420 | Sponsored Guest $575
*Note: $25 Late Registration Fee applies after December 1, 2019
2019 - 2020 Winter Green Fleet Online Registration |  Green Fleet Online Calendar |  Optimist Winter Clinic Flyer  |  Printable Schedule

Advanced Fleet

Continued development of racing skills for our most advanced youth sailors.

Daily Schedule:                 10:00am - 3:30pm Saturday and Sunday
Be Rigged:                         10:15 AM 
Sailors' Meeting:                 10:30 AM 
Sailing -- On the Water:          10:45 AM

Breakfast should be had before arriving each day.
Plan to have lunch on the water each day.
Sailing -- Off the Water -- DeRig 2:45pm

Debrief:                       3:00pm

Clinic Fee: SYC Member $515  |  Sponsored Guest $700
                                                *Note: $25 Late Registration Fee applies after January 13th, 2020  |  Printable Schedule

Advanced Fleet Online Calendar  |  Optimist Winter Clinic Flyer  |  2019 Fall Advanced Fleet Clinic Registration is available now.  Contact the Waterfront Director for more information.


Grant and Liz Gibbons, Optimist Parent Coordinators:
Jim Brusgard, SYC Waterfront Director:

2020 Junior Wednesday Night Racing Clinic

SYC Junior Big Boat sailing clinic will return in June 2020.

Junior Wednesday Night Racing Registration  |  Junior Wednesday Night Racing flyer

High School

Leiter Clinic

2020 Leiter Clinic Information Coming Soon!
Application Form

Youth Racing Clinics

Advanced Racing Clinics for youth sailors.

Fall Youth Racing Clinics with Martin - Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Mornings in September, October, and November

Specific Dates Coming Soon.

Daily Schedule:                     1:30pm - 5:30pm Saturday  |  9:00am - 1:00pm Sunday

Be Rigged:                              1:45 PM Saturday  |  Rigged 9:15 AM Sunday
Sailors' Meeting:               2:00 PM Saturday  |  Meeting 9:30 AM Sunday
Sailing -- On the Water:          2:15 PM Saturday  |  On Water 9:45 AM Sunday  |  Printable Schedule

Members:  $345  |  Sponsored Guests:  $460

2019 Fall Youth Racing Clinic Registration is available now!  Contact the Waterfront Director to get information on how to register!  

High School Sailing - Wednesday and Thursday
C420 Clinic                                                        

Beginner & Intermediate Double-Handed

The C420 is an exciting double-handed boat where the skipper and crew work together to achieve their goals.  This boat is simple and safe for beginning sailors yet challenging enough for Advanced and collegiate sailors.  The C420 offers more learning opportunities than any other double-handed boat in North America.  Over 7000 C420s are sailed in youth programs all over the United States.

2020 Spring High School Sailing Clinic

Weeknights 3:30 PM - 7:00 PM 

Every Wednesday and Thursday from January 15th to April 29th

No Practice Dates:  February 5th
  February 6th
                                  February 26th
  February 27th
Clinic Fee (Wednesdays Only):  Members  $120 | Sponsored Guest $150  |  Printable Schedule
Clinic Fee (Thursdays Only):     Members  $120 | Sponsored Guest $150
Clinic Fee (Both Days):        Members $180 |  Sponsored Guest $225

2020 Spring High School C420 Clinic Online Registration - Wednesday  | C420 Online Calendar | 2020 Spring High School Sailing Flyer
2020 Spring High School C420 Clinic Online Registration - Thursday

High School Sailing - Weekends                                              

Beginner & Intermediate Double-Handed

High School Sailing Weekends will begin March 28, 2020

Daily Schedule:                     12:00pm - 4:00pm Saturday  |  10:30am - 2:30pm Sunday
Be Rigged:                              12:30 PM Saturday  |  Rigged 11:00 AM Sunday
Sailors' Meeting:                     12:45 PM Saturday  |  Meeting 11:45 AM Sunday
Sailing -- On the Water:          1:00 PM Saturday  |  On Water 12:00 PM Sunday  |  Printable Schedule

2020 Sporing High School C420 Clinic Online Registration - 1/2 Day Saturday & Sunday  |  C420 Online Calendar  |  2020 Spring High School Sailing Flyer - Saturday and Sunday


Jim Brusgard, SYC Waterfront Director:


Contact Jim Brusgard:


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